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R/D System plays great role in the success of a corporation, as we have not only presented a continuously renew & refine the features of our product, but also the process, as well as the quality of our management.

Our R/D department has more than 20 Italian research staffs that have promoted and collaborated with leading national centers in scientific research projects, including numerous university departments.


As known as Double Kinematic Support System (Petent Right Obteined), is one of the unique features of our laser source which allows our laser source operates in the most extreme industrial conditions, as it optimizes guarantee of anti-distortion caused by thermo-mechanical movement.

Oil Free Compressors

The laser source is equipped with latest developed oil-free compressors, which preventing laser source from potential damage from oil molecule to greatly extend the maintenance cycle, as well as overall equipment lifespan.

Modular design power supplies

Unique design by our research team has greatly improved the overall performance, and capacity of our equipment, as well as reduced production cost. Each power module can operates individual& separately, as the no interruption will ever occur even during the failure of an individual module; therefore, it has greatly improved the production efficiency, as maintenance can proceeds without shutting down the equipment.