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Penta-Chutian Laser Equipment Co., Ltd is the subsidiary company of El.En Group Italy; and devoted in designing and manufacturing high power laser cutting systems. With technologies represent over 30 years of experience in laser system from El.En Group Italy, Penta-Chutian has core technologies in both manufacturing advanced high power laser source and CNC machinery integration with high compatibility. All design, development, production and quality control strictly follow European standards, as final integration is done in China under the quality testing by Italian engineers.



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(PentaChutian Production Site)

Over few years after its founding in 2007, Penta-Chutian Laser Equipment Co., Ltd has widely provided several hundreds of laser cutting equipments to the textile machinery industry, metal processing workshops, home alliance production, environment protection machinery, elevator production, automobiles, shipping building industry, advertisement and fuel industry and so on. Additionally, having exporting to Italy, Poland, Brail, Austria, Singapore and totally ten different countries and regions; it is the enterprise with the largest export of laser cutting machine in China.


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