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CNC Control

CNC Control

CNC control unit (former the Z32) is an independent PC-based Numerical Control (placed in the electrical cabinet). It runs the software module "SIS.Z32" which contains real-time operating system of the Z32; it elaborates the part-program, controls the machine movements and executes the PLC.

  • Brand new Z32 real time CNC control system, with dynamic and geometric JERK control
  • Automatic Z axis adjustment
  • Friendly user interfaces to control the system; also with detailed error messaging reporting
  • Programmable cutting gas pressure
  • Piercing control system
  • Direct adjustment on output pulsing power of laser source

Operating Software ¡°Smart Manager¡±& ¡°AlfaControl¡±

SmartManager and AlfaControl are operating software originally designed & imported from Italy, commonly used in Europe, and developed within the Windows XP Professional environment. It can be fully connected with our CNC system, as the control and update of the software of the machine tool and laser source would be easier and faster. Main features of Smart Manager are as below:

  • Friendly user interface easy to learning and operating. CNC programming code is easy to understand and edit.
  • Equipped with cutting database, the cutting parameters can be timely adjusted in the course to achieve best quality.
  • Easier and faster automatic edge-finding function.
  • Various drilling modes are optimized, like continuous drilling, pulse drilling, blasting piercing and so on.

Imported nesting software

Penta-Chutian choices nesting software can automatically generating nesting process, material layout, character processing and parameter setting, and greatly improved the production.